Economy: Complex hunter-gatherers subsistence involves a large amount of food storage, whereas simple hunter-gatherers usually consume their food as soon as they harvest it. In sociological terms, society refers to a group of people who live in a definable geographic space and share the same or similar culture. But what does this mean? Essential Questions by: Jacob Hjort, Jack Thoming, Trey Wheeler, Carson Mowrer Farming is more efficient and reliable than hunting and gathering. Mobility: Complex hunter-gatherers live in the same place for most of the year, or even for longer periods, in contrast to generalized hunter-gatherers who stay in one place for shorter periods and move around a lot. But our differences run deeper–to the way we think, the way we act, and to our primitive desires. A hunter-gatherer is a nomadic human living in a society in which most or all food is obtained by foraging (collecting wild plants and pursuing wild animals).Hunter-gatherer societies stand in contrast to agricultural societies, which rely mainly on domesticated species, although the boundaries between the two are not distinct.. Be the first to answer! Hunting and Gathering vs. Agriculture Essay 732 Words 3 Pages From the early prehistoric society until now, we often heard the word “adaptation”, which means the process of changing something or changing our behavior to deal with new situations. Hunter Gatherers vs Agricultural and Industrial society Life style of hunters and gathers Life stile of agricultural and industrial society The technology of hunters and gathers Technology of Agricultural Technology of Industrial society agriculture sponge bob even though we are. What is the difference between hunting gathering societies and pastoral horticultural societies? . Farming brings in more food Some issues that we need to compare between hunting and gathering and agricultural societies include workloads, nutrition, production, starvation, infanticide, health and disease, and differences in wealth. 0 1 2. Never run out of resources compared to hunting and gathering where the animals population can go scarce. Hunting-and-Gathering Societies. Prezi. The Science; Article shared by. As the name hunting-and-gathering implies, people in these societies both hunt for food and gather plants and other vegetation. Answer. Hunting and gathering tribes, industrialized Japanese, suburban Americans—each is a society. Hunter-gatherer culture is a type of subsistence lifestyle that relies on hunting and fishing animals and foraging for wild vegetation and other nutrients like honey, for food. Until approximately 12,000 years ago, all humans practiced hunting-gathering. Exactly what is a society? Essay on the Hunting and Gathering Societies – As Gerhard Lenski pointed out in his “Human Societies” (1970), the oldest and the simplest type of society is the “Hunting and Gathering Society”. Most of us are only aware of obvious physical or behavioral attributes that differ between genders. Asked by Wiki User. Beginning about 250,000 years ago, hunting-and-gathering societies are the oldest ones we know of; few of them remain today, partly because modern societies have encroached on their existence. Society and Civilization.