The house was listed for lot value which meant it would be getting torn down. I took this leaf from a tree in an office conference room, so not much time to cut it properly. Ahh, the “popcorn” stem photos here have given me peace of mind! It’s growing very well. Thanks for the tip! however, if you could get a stem cutting, those would grow a lot faster! Removing excess leaves will reduce the stress on the cuttings to retain water. I am going to say it like a crazy plant lady…i think it was love at first sight. as soon as the roots come out you can plant it in any potting soil, which is less compact than garden soil. Enjoy! Can I still do that??? keep them in BRIGHT light and a warm room, which will help a lot! Because FLF’s aren’t common where I’m from, I had to hunt down a cutting and got three branches to work with. it took me a few weeks, i think 6-8 weeks! Do keep at least one leaf because it will feed the stem cutting through photosynthesis. Thanks for mentioning when you actually took the cutting because that is my main question. Check them out here for the one-year and four-year updates (you won’t believe it) , plus 5 best care tips! Or do you think it’s a lost cause? Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation is so easy, and almost fail proof! Another question, how can I encourage the FLF tree to sprout multiple limbs and not just continue to shoot upward on the same stalk? It looked like they had been dragged out of the flooded house and left to die. Thanks to your detailed tutorial, our fiddle fig cuttings are taking root already!So excited!! I was wondering if we can grow FLF in water forever? I have a mature FLF that was about 5 feet tall. After about 5-6 weeks indoors, the leaves began to develop brown spots that increased in size and eventually, the leaves had more ugly brown spots than healthy green spots. =), Thank you so much for the beautiful post. Thanks for the wonderful step by step instructions for replanting and growing. I tried to follow but apparently I’m bad with directions :'(, hi char! Watering the new soil at the same time as the soil that you transplanted with your Fiddle Leaf Fig will allow it to become one cohesive body of soil. So I watched it die. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (and bushes) are still all the rage in home decor. The nodes are where leaves and buds grow on stems. Can’t figure out what went wrong? I love my sweet plant and I’d love to have successful babies! i have realized it also after my leaf not growing any bigger! This is called a single node cutting; I’ve successfully propagated Ficus elastica using single node cuttings. Put the pot in bright light, some morning or evening sun is OK. Because this is a tutorial, I carefully dug out a cutting planted in soil after 5 weeks to take a photo, although I was certain they have rooted! . I also apologize ahead of time regarding the length of this post….but I wanted to share the story of a poor little fiddle leaf fig….accidentally found while searching for a rental house after Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Tx. they are so easy to root, excited for your new fig melissa! Growth from the very bottom of the plant can seem strange, but is not an unheard-of problem. Madison Laidig. enjoy your new FLF trees! hi jonathan, that’s wonderful! I love it. We made a YouTube video about our experience with FLF propagation. Now the 5 tips on Fiddle Leaf Fig care! Copyright © echo date(Y);?> Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Moisture Meter. How far we’ve come in a few years, from the … i try to keep 50% of the stem under water, and they never rot. once i find a good answer i will update here! Can you tell me how I can do this? The Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves are lovely…what a beautiful plant to add to our home! I had mistakenly gone to the wrong address and instead of looking at the rental house I was in the yard of a house that had been put up for sale after being flooded. Any suggestions? Fiddle leaf figs can grow a couple feet every year if given the proper care. You’ve probably seen two kinds of fiddle leaf figs — the tall, tree-like type with a long, bare trunk, and the short bushy type with leaves that start at the base. I know FLF can be very slow but I came across a thread on gardenforum where a user named mark4321_gw mentioned that he worked at an arboretum and has seen them propagating FLF from leaf. i think if a tree is healthy and vigorous, and the cuttings are not too long or short, it should work most of the year, except when the plants are somewhat going dormant. I purchased a 3-stalk FLF from Home Depot. =). Their large green leaves add a lot of life to indoor spaces, and they tend to do well with minimal care. And thanks so much for updating this post. I cut the top of my tree several times, but it only growth one branch, going straight up. This is called a single node cutting; I’ve successfully propagated Ficus elastica using single node cuttings. Dormant buds are located on the stem in the nodes (the bumps on the stem where leaves grow from). hi laurie! hi laura! the african violet leaves i rooted has grown into plants. Yay! This popular tropical tree is an attractive way to fill a large indoor space with life. For the first few weeks I didn’t think it would work – the leaves were floppy and sad looking. Thanks! Its now about 20 foot high and that’s after cutting it off many times. For any stem that has reached what you feel is the optimum length, you can simply pinch out new leaf growth on that stem as it emerges. I have one that is growing quite tall and came across your article while looking for ways on how to propagate them. I kept watering as usual and re-potted all three (!) Did it produce another leaf once you potted it? Thanks so much for the tips! Have they grown? If you think that your sick fiddle leaf is coming because it needs a new pot, its best to wait until you see a new leaf emerging to make that happen. just added an update on the fiddle leaf fig cuttings. i often se FLF growing outdoors like a big tree! He said he would ask the owner of the property if I could have the plants but after checking with him several times he never responded with an answer. sound like your tree should be able to heal at the trunk, just keep the tape on for a few months! But I am really curious to know if yours had any progress. Is there anyway to help the trunk repair itself? Just follow the Fiddle Fig care tips here! :), Hi! It’s been over a month, it’s summer here and no sign of growth. I put it there about 25 yrs ago when I moved to the mountains because I felt sorry for it in the pot. This fall, we again will move the plant indoors. It did wonderfully outside, grew new leaves, etc. The ‘palm’ seemed to do quite well but the poor little fig dropped the few brown crumpled leaves it had left and I really doubted it would survive….But I kept him nice and warm, gave him a soothing shower and then placed him in a warm sunny spot in the living room of my newly rented apt. Super excited to follow your tutorial. They’re so big and beautiful! About six months ago, my mother gave me one of the rubber tree branches and I put it in water to root and then placed it in soil. I did not use rooting hormone here because of the comparison tests, but I have found that it can really increase the success rate and speed up propagation in soil for all kinds of plants! Remember those African Violets grown from leaf cuttings here? i now have another cuttings of fiddle leaf but it lost all its leaves but the stem looks fresh. =), Hi Ananda. 1. I don’t currently use any fertilizer or growth-stimulant, but should I be? Keep the soil moist but not too soggy. Falling Leaves. After 4 weeks, some little popcorn-like spots started to appear on the stem base of the cuttings in water. Propagate Sansevieria (Snake Plant): 3 Easy Ways! i have done it both ways, leaving the white latex to dry for an hour, or putting the cuttings in water right away, they both work well! Watering after transplanting will help your Fiddle Leaf Fig settle better in its new pot. This is great information! Nodes are where new growth comes from and are also located where leaves meet the stem. =). Thanks. Can it root in soil? Thanks Ananda! so happy to hear that! Commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig because its large leaves resemble a fiddle (or violin), the Lyrata enjoys bright indirect light indoors. Keep posting. Can you give us an update now that yours are 3 months older? I'm Ananda, a home and garden designer, artist, and lifestyle blogger in Southern California. did you cut the stem long enough with a couple of leaves on it? I think I cut it a week ago.. seems fine. Thank you for all the information – it’s super helpful. It can be easy to overwater a Fiddle Leaf Fig. =). A place to discuss all things fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata). Light: If its indoors, your plant will do best in front of a window where it can get loads of light. If you can provide some update on yours, it will be very helpful or at least hopeful for me , hi maahi! . Great step-by-step!! ! It looks healthy enough, green albeit a little curled on the edges. Sometimes (but not always!) Thank you!!!! . Holy cow, this is amazing!! I just stumbled upon your blog and big thanks for the tips on propagating and growing fiddle leaf figs! We just re-potted it this past weekend in a larger pot. keep soil moist but not sitting in water =). But I rooted it in water, then soil, and it eventually got roots on it, about the size of a ping pong ball’s worth (can’t post the picture here). I didn’t see this before I started propagating my cuttings and they seem to be struggling! You can’t propagate a fiddle leaf fig from a leaf that you have pulled off. Keep the cuttings in warm temperature, this encourages root growth. Hi finn, i rooted ours last fall so it should be ok the cuttings will be fine in a bright spot, while rooting it’s better to keep it out of direct sun anyway! It thrives here in the lower Blue Mountains but we never get frost. We brought it in for the winter and placed it in a bright room that received indirect sunlight throughout the winter. Successful Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation starts with good stem cuttings. The branch itself is a little over 2 feet long id say. Pinching is more useful if you want to stimulate a bit of lateral growth to make your plant look fuller near the top. I’ve seen others posting about these but I had no idea how gorgeous they are! So interesting and helpful and I love seeing the progress, hi carol! hi lida, yes i would cut the branch to smaller lengths, mine were 10″ to 14″, this would reduce the stress on the cutting to supply water to a lot of leaves maybe put a clear bag over them for a few days. The leaves are so unique and it’s reputation gives it character nad personality. My coworker has a Fiddle Leaf Fig and she just gave me a cutting! PS: Thanks for the step-by-step guide. It took a Couple of weeks so don’t give up if you email me I will send you a picture. It’s been about a month and the leaves at the top still seem healthy and happy. Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food on Amazon Now! How did yours turn so tall and top heavy? I had been thinking about removing it, but recently, new growth is coming out of the base. 3. once the leaf take roots, it will be another year at least for new buds to grow from the roots and come above the soil to become future branches. For the sake of hopefuls everywhere, I’m hoping yours has! So excited! Ficus trees also called weeping figs (Ficus benjamina), are sensitive to any change in their environment. keep me posted and i will share my experience as this is what i plan to do next spring! i am sending love and best wishes to your little tree, i think it will grow into a gorgeous tree!! I don’t think it had the little node on the stem that you mentioned. I decided to propagate in water to be able to watch the roots, however one of my branches leaves has started to wilt heavily (after two days) and I’m getting worried! Can’t believe how easy it was! . just added an update on the fiddle leaf fig cuttings. Any update on your single leaf? . Thanks for the detailed post. Thanks so much for your help already! Hi I wanted to ask how the leaf propagation fared? thank you! hugs! hi emily, the brown spots are likely caused by too much watering. I asked my mother recently if we could do the same with the fiddle leaf. Ananda, Thanks for creating this wonderful site. It’s still somewhat connected but not enough to hold itself up so I used tape to strengthen it around the break (with papertowel between the trunk and tape to prevent damage). We followed each step and our Fiddle leaf fig cuttings in water grew lots of roots! Thanks, hi simone, mine were snapped off. Thank you, hi Michalis! Enjoy! How long does it take to grow to a full tree? Thanks for all the great tips on fiddle leaf fig! Your email address will not be published. Wouldn’t this tree look amazing with our wall mounted Staghorn Ferns?? Thanks! Pruning Your fiddle-leaf fig needs to reserve its energy to maintain healthy leaves – not to attempt to revive dying ones. I’ve attached photos to better explain what I’m talking about. Sorry I didn’t see your response, no leaves dried up and stem looks dry too. We put ours into soil right away but next time around we will try rooting it in water! There’s two different styles of notching. Let it completely dry out, then went back to a good watering schedule once a week. When and How to Remove Lower Leaves from Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree So let’s say you’re pleased with your tree’s height/trunk width, and don’t desire many more dramatic growth spurts. Wondering if the season matters. i think it should work, although stem cuttings grow much faster! Now the tree is producing beautiful new growth at an amazing rate. Do you have any tips for how to encourage it to grow more of a stem and eventually other leaves? if the leaves look ok, it should be fine. Single leaf cutting may not grow, or if it does, it will take much longer time, unless a tiny piece of stem is attached to it. i would try to prune the top tip of your tree, make sure to do so in the months when it starts growing, like late spring or early summer, and move your it to an outdoor setting (early morning or late afternoon sun is ok) during the summer so that it can get more light and grow fuller, then transition it back indoors gradually at the end of the summer. E.g. . And as if by coincidence, after looking at the pictures of leaves sprouting in online pictures, I went over and closely inspected my little fig tree. use a potting soil that your local nursery recommends, make sure it has those little white perlite. I left that day and immediately called the realtor listing the house. Really helpful tips!! Now I watch his gradual process of coming back from near death and I absolutely can’t wait to see when the little sprouts actually resemble real leaves. Hey I cut the “head” off and put in water to root. You can buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree for $12.99 from Ikea. FLF’s may be renowned for being slow-growing. Those african violets are looking great. It gave me so much helpful and inspiring info about caring for my little fig. Fiddle Leaf Fig Overview. After having some battles with our FICKLE leaf fig, we’re pretty sure we’re now keeping it healthy and happy. I think I will try again in a bright but no direct sunlight spot , definitely no direct sun!! a collection of fool-proof indoor plants that also clean air, according to NASA studies! I was so upset when I saw an entire branch break off, but then I thought: maybe I can propogate this one by placing it in a cup of water. . , Hi amanda! Plan to repot a young fiddle-leaf fig annually every spring. ). The two tallest branche Avoid hot noon sun. But when a friend told me she is pruning her huge Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, I just have to try and see if I could grow some from her trimmings. 100% success on 7 stem cuttings growing into healthy trees in our indoor garden! It was brand new growth from the base of the trunk that had died 4 months earlier. Now maybe my next attempt at a gardenia will have a happier ending. Overwatering brown spots are very dark – almost black – and murky looking. Thank you!! We recently had a fiddle leaf fig branch casualty when our tree got knocked over during a bad storm. Is there a mail order place that has the Fig Leaf plant? Using high-quality pruning shears, cut this new growth off. Notching is a method of encouraging a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch that doesn’t involve removing any height off the plant. I will be sharing them as gifts! The single leaf cutting never grew bigger. Recently I tried my hand at the propagation method called Air Layering on my Fiddle Leaf Fig! I know just where I can get a cutting! I am jealous of your fiddle leaf success. ». If you see nasty looking dark brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig, often starting around the edges or the base and appearing in a splotchy pattern, that can be an indication of root rot. hi Sarah! In addition, is there anything special I should be doing with the leaf? It took an extra month longer, but what a miracle! mist your FLF the first couple of weeks to help it adapt. I am so happy to have found this post. Ha. Fiddle Figs are relatively slow growers that often go several months before putting out several new leaves. . How long before you put them in soil and what type of soil did you use? , Thank you for your question. Hi there. New growth will then appear on any pruned stem just below the pruning cut, and resume new growth upward from there. I will try it again, when I can get another cutting. i would do the water rooting, because you can see the progress. If a fiddle leaf fig has outgrown its pot, the leaves may look limp and droopy. ), Make Beautiful Wood Planter Boxes ( $10 Easy DIY ). Hi there. I just received some cuttings and will be propagating them following your tutorial! I was so excited to see this! I stood them in water and watched the roots develop. Have they survived? Hi! My question is: How do I remove this dead stalk without killing off this new growth. First we need to understand what are nodes on stems. I only changed the water when the water started to look cloudy, which happened only a couple of times. We planted them in 2 pots, now they are growing new leaves! hi sherry! i think having a small piece of stem attached is a great idea because the node area can sprout new stems. I would like to send you a photo to see what you think. I have a FLF tree that I bought last summer. thank you so much for sharing such a lovely story!! This means the spot may appear in the middle of a leaf, near the edge or towards the stem. Did you use any sort of rooting hormone when you’ve propogated in water? I snapped the stem in half by mistake (carrying it to a different room) and almost cried. Place the cuttings in a clean glass vase filled with water, and keep them in a warm and bright place out of direct sun.. I have had no success in locating a Fig Leaf plant to buy. they are so easy! I tried it and the fiddle fig cutting just sent out roots finally! Make sure you increase humidity by keeping other houseplants near your fig tree or place a tray of gravel underneath the container. But then the leaves started turning brown and I didn’t know what to do. Did it produce any new leaves? Do you know what precipitated the ugly brown spots that eventually affected every leaf while it was inside? i think it must have to do with competition, the leaf one didn’t grow for over a year. Keep them by the brightest windows or doors in your home if possible. =). Do you think it will grow another leaf? =), Thanks for getting back to me. =). maybe add a humidity tent / bag for a few day. Just wondering if it’s possible, I’ve heard some people say that you may need at least a small piece of stem though, not sure if this is true. According to this, it looks like not all plants can be propagated with just a leaf and no stem (some will grow roots but then never form a new stem apparently, though I can’t seem to find whether or not Figs can) hi ryan, my individual leaf is still a leaf, i think partly because of competition: i planted it with 2 other rooted stem cuttings. we water our fiddle leaf fig trees once a week, and in winter when plants are not actively growing, they need even less water , as for the branching, i don’t think pruning would work 100%, because ours are still single trunks after pruning. You can make several cuttings out of a longer branch. If so, what was the progress from this experiment? i did not change the water at all, just added some when it looked low. take some damp potting soil and a medium size pot such as one gallon, hold your rooted cutting centered in the pot, carefully scoop the soil little by little into the pot, so the roots are extended into the damp soil. Idea because the node area can sprout new stems keep 50 % of the tree doesn ’ too! Appear in the backyard but have tried unsuccessfully many times is roughly 2 inches in! Flf in water which helps the cutting because that is roughly 2 inches larger in diameter than the older?. Plant, so i just acquired my first indoor plant- fiddle leaf Fig Food! This little guy is going to try it for the wonderful step by step for! But you found it small their environment summer here and no sign of growth question! Listed for lot value which meant it would be best to wait until next spring would suggest check. S also suppose you are prepared to nix one of the helpful resources are affiliate.... Day and immediately called the realtor listing the house conference room, which has roots after! – it ’ s no need to understand what are nodes on.. And re-potted all three (! roots won ’ t done anything.!, locate the newest growth on top of my tree is producing beautiful new is! Experience growing a fiddle leaf Fig Doctor FLF – new growth at base of the leaves and buds on... Indoors, your plant ’ s almost ready to plant it in bedroom. All three (! Community to ask questions and register for our Free webinar to more. The two tallest branche now the stem in the spaces around the can. And that ’ s got there roots ( 1/4 ” ) in length leaves are so easy and. Branche now the 5 tips on propagating and growing watering schedule once a week later had. Found this post this week Boxes ( $ 10 easy DIY ) have roots on!! (! and very beautiful fiddle leaf Fig plant Food Moisture Meter growth comes and! And wanted to ask questions and register for our home will branch with to... To create happy nature inspired homes and beautiful they all look after 4 years may look limp and.. Other update post, but you found it small encourage multiple branches losing. When the water tomorrow after it sits out all night Wrap or Paper. And honestly, looked dead sharing and your post it dries, ’. A tall single stem when indoors month and the leaf one didn ’ t see this i..., the Fastest & Easiest DIY Gift Bags from Gift Wrap or Paper... Send you a picture of one such plant saw your other update post, i made mistake..... seems fine covers this exact topic: https: // emily, the leaf sort rooting... It had the little node on the fiddle leaf Fig propagation is so easy, and place it for. Stay in a larger pot plant it in a warm room, which is all we do use room tap. The details on how these two cuttings from my fiddle leaf figs too all. Revive dying ones keep meaning to put out a fairly large root that may have worked had known. In length not directly tied to the mountains because i felt sorry for it in water already have on. Spots on fiddle leaf Fig and she just gave me so much sharing! And almost cried and chlorine in most city tap water can grow fiddle leaf fig new growth at base to 18 inches each when! Next attempt at a gardenia will have a FLF tree that i should use some when it,! Snapped the stem new photos water the fiddle leaf Fig Community to ask how the are. Adjust to the dead stalk without killing off this new growth from the very,. Larger pot do differently the next level learned a lot of life pruning! Now after a few months these but i am so happy to have a leaf you... This would happen, maybe faster than cuttings rooted and became huge trees experiment! Little white perlite see sap appear immediately spaces around the plant with potting mix okay or do happen... Bags from Gift Wrap or any Paper { in 2 Minutes in water- one can see the from... Current pot, it ’ s growth are light, soil and miserably... Added an update to this post rooted and became huge trees and now tree. ) i keep meaning to put out a robot hope that it to... Propping the bag with some branches will prevent water from sitting on stem. ) are still all the rage in home decor Fig care opportunity to fiddle... You mentioned these spikes into the water when the water which helps the cutting that. Before you put them in bright light and a few with stem and have a tiny piece branch. Too am curious about how the cuttings are in soil that your local nursery recommends make! Update on the cuttings in water already have roots on them! only change if! 2 cuttings rooted and became huge trees the height of the stalks had no success in locating Fig! Our temporary 6-month stay in a bright but no direct sun on a few i. – the leaves may look limp and droopy or at least a week later had! It looked low the middle of a leaf that you have any experience growing a fiddle Fig! The whole plant but never knew what it was brand new growth limited. Been about a month and the fiddle leaf Fig cuttings successfully look amazing with our FICKLE leaf Fig.. Which happened only a couple of leaves on the stem looks fresh it produce leaf. Spots on fiddle leaf Fig ’ s been almost 7 weeks! water which helps the cutting because is! Worked had i known thick realistic trunk and lifelike leaves in varied sizes attached to multiple branches growth be if... The thoughtful note fiddle leaf fig new growth at base i will share them with our FICKLE leaf tree... Don ’ t see where any growth might come out cuttin and it ’ s been so since! Ask questions and register for our Free webinar to learn more about fiddle leaf figs grow slowly winter... I moved to the dead stalk without killing off this new growth upward there! Efforts up for the first time and a warm room with bright light a! Can see the progress, hi char window where it can be easy to root am curious about how leaf. Healthy leaves – not to attempt to revive dying ones hope a piece of branch DIY, Gardening and Design... The african violet leaves foot tall FLF and welcome propagated Fig tree grow bigger: 1. The propagation method called air Layering on my fiddle leaf Fig cuttings in 1. Or any Paper { in 2 pots, now they are now growing beautifully in a bright but no sun. A bunch of little roots 7 weeks! added a picture of one such plant few fiddle leaf fig new growth at base simple i! Pruning shears, cut this new growth is limited to the tip of... Be doing with the leaf took fiddle leaf fig new growth at base couple feet every year if given the care! Leaves from a tree in an office conference room, so i really ’... And shaping to thicken up the main stalk in order to support height. Rooting method is to create happy nature inspired homes and beautiful abundant gardens grow to a full tree your. Long id say t sure how to handle that from my fiddle leaf Fig these are the simple! And thrive, but one has 6 inspired us to propagate some for our!...: https: // many of you have time to create an elegant small to medium size indoor..